The Blessing of Being Cross-eyed

Someone once told me that I focus on the cross too much. She felt, since Christ is no longer on the cross, I should change my focus too.  Her point was valid, because Christ is no longer on the cross; however, she failed to ask why I am so cross focused.

The cross represents a finished work; in fact,  for me, the most powerful three words in scripture are in John 19:30,  “When he had received the drink, Jesus said,

It is Finished!

Those words are so profound to me because they take away all of my day excuses. You know the ones:  someday, one day, and any day.  For many years, I lived in hopes that one day things would change. I was the eternal optimist who thought that, “any day now, my breakthrough was coming.” I held on because, “someday soon my change was coming.” Sound familiar?

Well, here is what I learned: That day came when I decided to change, because in the day when I changed, everything around me had to respond or get left  behind. Once Christ spoke, “It is finished,” at that exact moment everything that He was sent to fulfill was complete. Let the truth of that sink into your spirit. Not someday, one day, or any day, but on THAT DAY was fulfillment. That was the day we were freed from the things that held us in bondage, and we were restored back into His original creation:

  • Poverty was nailed to the cross
  • Shame, blame, guilt and condemnation–finished
  • Our healing  and wholeness was complete
  •  _____________________ (fill in the  blank) was FINISHED-DONE-COMPLETE

She was right! I am too focused on the cross–to the point that I am cross-eyed. And for the revelation of the cross that I have, I’ll never change my focus,  because the finished work of the cross is the power that we need to live out the freedom for which Christ paid for us ON THE CROSS.

Where is your focus?

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Yes, He has worked ALL things for my good. The Blessing of Being Cross-Eyed!

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