The Slide Master

I love that God is omnipresent; He will reveal Himself in every aspect of our lives….if we look for Him.

Recently, He used a stressful season of life to reveal Himself to me. My clients are rushing to use up their end-of-year dollars, so I make myself available; and while that’s a great position for me, financially, the added stress to deliver before year-end, coupled with the holidays, is never easy. Yet, because I look for Him in every corner of my life, He showed up as I was formatting one of those crazy, busy slides that had “stuff” all over the page.

Trying to read this made my head hurt. I started trying to make sense of the confusion by separating things but realized how much time it would take. Then, I remembered the Slide Master, which is a feature that allows you to apply the same attributes to fonts and images within a document. Once the Slide Master is applied, even the chaos becomes ordered.

I immediately remembered that God is our Slide Master. He has  determined our attributes; our size, shape, color and how we show up on this page of our story.

Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Luke 12:7

Breathe deeply and let that settle in your spirit. God, who numbered every hair on your head, cares about every part of you. He left nothing to chance when it involved you, but took time to number each hair on your head. The attention to detail, the strategic planning, the thought process–NOTHING about you was left to chance, because you are valuable and significant to His work on the earth.

I am still amazed how The Slide Master does His best work in chaos. Despite how the world tries to make a mess of our lives by throwing the worst that it has to offer us; God commands ORDER in the chaos, because He is not the author of confusion. Distractions have to go, the clutter has to take order, and He brings clarity so that you can clearly see His plan for you. What an Awesome God!

I realize that your life might look like the first picture, and you cannot begin to see how God could bring order to your life. Order starts with  your decision to invite The Slide Master into your life. Start your relationship with God by praying the following:

God, I need for you to order my life so I invite you into my heart. I confess that I (or others) have sinned and made a mess of my life, but I believe that Jesus died for me to have order–in my mind, in my soul and in my body. I command every part of me to come into alignment with your plan for me. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

As long as we are in this world, the mess will continue to slide in, but you now have a Slide Master to bring order.  Let Him do His best work in the chaos of your life.  Talk to Him daily and read the Word of God to learn about Him. Pray and ask Him to lead you to a good church where you can learn and grown and watch the master’s piece take order.

I believe in you, and I’m cheering for you.







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