I am Being Decapitated

Does it surprise you that people have no desire for God? It should not. We have become our own gods, and there will never be a desperation for that which we already have. We are so large, in our own eyes, that there is no room for God; making Luke 9:58 so timely:

Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

I have attended church from my youth, so I am going to date myself with this one. The small church that I attended would have an allotted time to “testify” each Sunday, and each “testimony” started with these words: “Giving honor to God, who is the HEAD of my life.” Now for most of us these were just words we recited, because we had no idea how to allow God to be head of our lives. I, for one, thrived on being in control; therefore, I was the head of my life and had no intention of being dethroned. Fortunately, today, I have grown so there are many areas where God is the head of my life; however, there are some areas where I still rule.

The Importance of the Head

The head is the place where our primary senses live. It houses our eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Four of our five senses have a resting place because of our head. Not only does our heads give a home for those things we can see physically; it also provides a home for something that is not visible: our brain.  Our brain is the seat of our intellect, so even the brain has a place to sit. This helps me to understand why it is so important that I allow God to be the head of my life, because He must be ruler of my life.

Jesus did not have a place to lay His head because He was homeless. Like the church of old, we have not made room for Him, because we act as our own gods. But remember, He warned us repeatedly in scripture.

“You shall have no other gods before me.”

 The Headmaster

As my headmaster, I sought the easy, painless, and shortcuts for answers.  However, those solutions were often temporary and, ultimately, unfulfilling. After wearing myself out doing things my way, I learned that allowing God to be the head of my life was often harder, but the results were permanent and more rewarding. I learned to embrace that His thoughts are higher than my thoughts and His ways are better than my ways.

Daily, I have to check my motives, which are often rooted in selfishness. By studying the life of Jesus, I am constantly reminded that He only did what the Father told Him to do. He never exalted himself. He never tried to make himself great. He served. He obeyed. He loved. He is my role model and my headmaster.

My desire is that all will know Him and experience the abundant life that He promised us. I will invest the rest of my days exalting Him and surrendering my life to His headship. When He looks upon the earth I want Him to see me decapitated so that He knows that here is a place where He can lay His head.

He must increase, but I must decrease. John 3:30


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