Do you have any Blessing Blockers?

Any blessing blockers? Blessing blockers are people who stand as obstacles to your next blessing. It took me many years to learn how to navigate blessing blockers but, faithfully, by meditating on Luke 6, I can unblock the blessings.


First, everyone has at least one blessing blocker–at least ONE. Whether past or present, as the Lord tarries, blessing blockers will show up during your lifetime. Here are a few of my blessing blockers:

  • An ex-husband
  • Many co-workers (and I mean MANY)
  • A member of my church
  • A client

Just to name a few…..Let me tell you about the client, because she was a BIG blessing blocker.

I have contracted with one company for several years, so I have learned “who’s who.” One of the female leaders had a horrible reputation, but my “rule-of-thumb” is to not believe everything I hear and to form my opinion.  Well…..I should have listened to the rumor mill with her, because our time to work together was bound to happen–and it did.

During our first meeting, I quickly learned why people complained about her. Everyone introduced themselves at the start of the meeting, but I didn’t catch her last name so I asked her to repeat it. WRONG MOVE. She replied, “it’s only 5 letters, so it’s not difficult to remember.” WRONG THOUGHT: I can think of another 5 letter name for you….. But I digressed 🙂

As you can see, we were not off to a good start. That night, in my time with The Lord, I complained about her and told him I was going to decline the project, because I knew we would not get along. After praying, I knew I was to stay on the project, and while I wasn’t happy about it, I knew His voice; so I buckled in for the journey. I did not know how God was going to work the situation out, but I knew that on the other side of my obedience was a blessing. IF I could get past my blessing blocker.

I would love to tell you that the next day, after praying, she was a different person; but she was not. But I began to see her differently. When she would be nasty, I would respond lovingly (Luke 6–love your enemies). I began to see her as an obstacle to my spiritual growth, and I knew that if I did not “deal with her”, I would have to deal with the situation again with another person, because the goal was for me to grow spiritually.  I was determined to only take her test once, because I HATE mountain experiences (e.g., taking the same lesson over again because I keep failing the test).

Slowly, I began to notice a few changes. Her questions were not as sarcastic, and her answers were not as “snippy.” She even began to initiate non work-related conversations. As we got to know one another better, I learned that she had endured a lot of hurts and injustices; and while none of that justified her behavior, I was able to better understand….Hurting people, hurt other people.

It was a long and grueling battle, but here is what was on the other side of my obedience and endurance. This woman is well-connected throughout the organization AND God has given me such FAVOR with her that she wants to sign a multi-year contract. I am only a consultant with the firm so a contract like that is uncommon.

And just think….in my anger, I could have missed my blessing.

Who or what is blocking your blessing? Meditate on Luke 6, and I promise you will learn how to navigate around them.

Bless you….#Unblocked



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